Summary of Monday's Session of Synod

July 11, 2022

Debate on Ukraine continues. One motion passed and one motion lost. Bishop of Leeds argued that nobody can argue against peace. It was raised how the situation is more complex than meets the eye.

Archbishop's Council Budget report was given and a number of scrutinizing questions were made. Including whether synod was consulted and gave approval for the vision and strategy.

We were asked by John Spence to take note on the budget. Some headlines include over £15 million to be spent on ministerial training and just under £5 million was spent the previous year on safeguarding. Items 22-28 were passed.

Item 501 looked to change Diocesan Safeguarding Advisors to Diocesan Safeguarding Officers. This was widely supported and clearly passed. Item 507 sought to make a series of improvements to the Code of Practice, allowing investigations to continue in cases where a criminal investigation is underway as well as a number of other changes to boost transparency. Item 507 passes.

Tim Goode brought forward a motion on disability inclusion including the review of our liturgy to make sure it is inclusive of disabled people as well as researching data on disability and the church. One interesting aspect is the combining of diocese resources to share a well resourced disability officer. The vote was by houses

Bishops  32/0
Clergy 153/0
Laity 162/0

Item 502 moved the draft diocesan stipends fund measure. This is to allow diocese with much to give to those with little from the Diocesan Stipendiary Fund. Generally most were supportive but some concerns about whether it was a slippery slope. In the end it passed hansomely.

Item 30 brought forward a report on resourcing ministerial formation. Generally lots of concern about lay ministers not having enough support and that more resource was needed if the church ministry is to be more diverse. The item passed.

A number of miscellaneous amendments were brought forward for first consideration. Including allowing doctrine to be changed by zoom meetings and for lay people to be residentiary canons. It passed. Next was an amendment to canon 43.

Item 31 seeks to review the qualifications for PCC membership. This was amended to include ensure they are regular worshippers and to review whether there are criterias of disqualifications. It was mentioned that code of conducts for PCC members and churchwardens could be looked at. This motion passed.

Item 32 raised the issue of porn site age verification. Passionate speeches against a very damaging and exploitative industry. Synod backed the report and it will be used to lobby parliament to introduce verification laws.