Business Committee Report Summary

January 25, 2022
Business Committee Report Summary

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The Business Committee is responsible for the agenda and order of business at a Synod. It also advises on practical arrangements for sessions, general categories of business, and the shape of the agenda for the February group of sessions.

The General Synod will meet at Church House, Westminster. A full COVID-security and risk assessment will be carried out before the meeting.

The Synod will be meeting in line with current government guidelines, and members are to wear face coverings. They are also encouraged to take a lateral flow test and use a coloured lanyard to indicate their preferences in terms of social distancing.

For those who would like to watch proceedings, they can watch them livestreamed in the Hoare Memorial Hall or the Bishop Partridge Hall.

The Presidents decided that members who cannot attend in person should be able to participate online, but that the meeting will run less smoothly than a wholly in-person meeting or wholly remote meeting.

Due to the installation of a COVID testing centre in Church House, room availability for fringe meetings in Church House will be extremely limited.

The formal business of Synod will begin at 1.45 pm on Tuesday 8 February, and will end at 7 pm on Thursday 10 February.

The Chaplain of Synod welcomes your suggestions for Synod worship and would also like to hear from any members who wish to volunteer to lead or participate in Synod worship at future groups of sessions.

There are several Private Members' Motions (PMMs) on Special Agenda III, and members can sign a list of members supporting a PMM or add their names to the list on the Information Desk or via the Synod App.

In order to facilitate a hybrid meeting, Synod needs to debate the Standing Orders. If these are passed, the hybrid elements of the meeting can take place.

The General Synod will begin with a Presidential Address by the Archbishop of Canterbury, followed by a short debate on the Report from the Business Committee, and a debate on the Standing Orders.

The Business Committee invited Synod members to start a conversation about scrutinising and engaging with national work.

The General Synod's main role is to make legislation. It makes provision for the Church of England by means of Acts of Synod, and Amendments to the Faculty Jurisdiction Rules.

The Business Committee has schedule an item on the Clergy Remuneration Review, a motion on confirming the appointment of the Chair of the Appointments Committee, and a motion approving the appointment of the Chair of the Dioceses Commission.

The Synod will discuss the process of analysing the report of the Governance Review Group and discuss possible legislation for changes to the membership of the Crown Nominations Commission for the See of Canterbury. There will be group work and a debate on the Emerging Church of England.

The Archbishops' Commission on Racial Justice will present its work to Synod and engage with Synod on a regular basis.

During this group of sessions, Synod will take note of the progress on implementing the recommendations set out in the original report. They will also take note of the Lichfield DSM on the Persecuted Church, and discuss whether to debate the Canterbury DSM.

In February, Synod members will meet the new Business Committee and discuss how they would like to see Synod evolve in the future.

A group of members of General Synod will review the new election software and make recommendations for how online elections might operate in the future.

Members of Synod can use the app to access agendas and papers, submit requests to speak, and access the web version.

Synod members are encouraged to complete a post-Synod questionnaire after each group of sessions to give their feedback on how the Business Committee is responding to the feedback.

The Business Committee will review the accessibility policy at future Synod meetings, and will consider the changes introduced in the hybrid sessions that were held in 2019.

Synod publishes a list of all speakers in debates and other items on the floor of Synod.

Members of the Church of England General Synod may view the Church of England's business procedures and policies on the Church of England website, and are encouraged to use social media to publicise the work of Synod.

Legislative business: Review of Mission and Pastoral Measure, CBF Investment Fund, Legal Officers (Annual Fees) Order, Ecclesiastical Judges, Legal Officers and Others (Fees) Order, Environmental Working Group, lay ministry, policy paper on lay ministry, revision of Clergy Discipline Measure.