Briefing: Affirming Disabled People

July 1, 2022

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This motion asks Synod to focus attention on disabled people as the largest marginalised group of people across the full breadth of the CofE. It recognises that good work is underway in many parts of the church, but urgent practical steps are needed.

The Church of England has a lot to do before it fully lives out its baptismal promise to all God's people. Disabled people must feel fully included in ministry and mission.

The motion before Synod seeks to begin with simple and achievable moves to bring about real, embedded, not just symbolic, change.

It is unrealistic to believe that culture change can be achieved in one giant step, and further proposals will be brought to the Business Committee.

We ask Synod members not to treat this initial motion as a Christmas tree on which to hang every hoped-for development, and to instead propose amendments that will bring about measurable change.

After the retirement of the former National Disability Advisor, Dr Roy McCloughry, the Disability Task Group recognised that a part time post would not be sufficient to drive change.